How to choose tooling fixtures for workpieces

Publish Time: 2023-12-08

The tooling fixture is a process device used to quickly fasten the workpiece during processing and maintain the correct relative position of the machine tool, tool, and workpiece. In other words, Workholding fixtures are indispensable components for mechanical processing. Driven by the development of machine tool technology in the direction of high speed, efficiency, precision, composite, intelligence, and environmental protection, fixture technology is moving towards high precision, efficiency, modularity, combination, and universality. , economic direction development.

In order to ensure product quality and productivity, a tooling fixture is used. Its main functions include the following aspects:

1. Ensure and improve product quality (parts can be better placed in accurate positions);

2. Improve labor efficiency (reduce the time spent manually setting up workpieces);

3. Expand the operating range of the tool (the position is fixed and easy for personnel to operate);

4. Improve working conditions and reduce product costs.

As the application of tooling fixtures becomes more and more common, many users will also have such questions when using products for processing and production. What issues should be paid attention to when selecting tooling fixtures?

First of all, when using tools to process workpieces, you need to pay attention to whether the accuracy and stiffness meet the standard requirements. Secondly, you need to pay attention to whether the positioning of the tools is accurate. These are important factors that directly affect the production quality during processing.

When selecting tooling fixtures, it is generally recommended to choose tool products that can be adjusted. Such products can achieve the purpose of combined application, and can also make the production and processing process simpler and avoid wasting time.

If the amount of workpieces that need to be completed in the processing site is large, it is also necessary to pay attention to the structure of the tools at this time. It is necessary to select tools with simple structures for application, and they must meet professional requirements, so that the products made in this way will be more ideal.

No matter what kind of tooling fixture is selected, it must be put into use in a standardized way during use, so that the application advantages of the product can be brought into play. In addition, during the fixed installation period, workers should also pay attention to whether the installation position is accurate and reliable to ensure that the workpiece can be processed in the correct position.


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