The operating principle and force of hydraulic clamps

Publish Time: 2023-12-08

Hydraulic fixtures use hydraulic components to replace mechanical parts, and realize automatic positioning, support and clamping of workpieces through hydraulic control. It has the advantages of large clamping force, reliable clamping, stable operation, and easy use. It is widely used in CNC machine tools, machining centers, automated production lines and other scenarios.

Hydraulic clamps can ensure accurate positioning and firm clamping of workpieces at regular positions, reduce vibration and deformation during processing through floating supports, and can also use automatic control of the pressing and lifting of the pressure plate to release the clamp during processing. tight position.

Hydraulic clamps can not only withstand large cutting forces during rough machining, but also ensure precise positioning during fine machining. They can also complete support, clamping and quick release that manual clamps cannot complete.

The pressure of the hydraulic system depends on the size of the load. Based on the clamping force required by your fixture, the pressure required by the system can be determined through calculation; the pressure only needs to be sufficient. If it is adjusted back too high, the system will work at a higher pressure and is prone to malfunctions. . Each clamp has different clamping principles and mechanisms, and requires different clamping forces. Therefore, we need to analyze the problem in detail.

Whether it is a simple set of hydraulic fixtures or a complex overall production line, the design process of the hydraulic fixture is the same, which consists of the formulation of the overall plan, the selection of hydraulic cylinder type and specifications, the selection of control valves, the design of the mechanical part, and the pump station. Selection of accessories, system connection.

In short, the hydraulic clamp is a special tool that can automatically position, clamp and support product workpieces. It is widely used because of its four advantages: stable operation, strong clamping force, convenient use and reliable clamping. Used in many fields.

What are the design tolerances of automobile fixtures?

The tooling fixtures used in automobile manufacturing are called automotive tooling fixtures. A variety of parts are needed in industrial production. Among them, the tooling fixture is used to quickly fasten the workpiece during processing. It keeps the machine tool, cutting tool, and workpiece correctly relative. Location tool device.

The manufacturing tolerances of automobile fixtures can be divided into the following four categories according to the functions and assembly requirements of the fixture components:

1. It is in direct contact with the workpiece and strictly determines the position and shape of the automobile workpiece, which mainly includes positioning components such as joint positioning parts, V-shaped blocks, and positioning pins.

2. They are various guide parts. Although this type of component does not directly contact the positioning workpiece, it determines the position of the first type of component.

3. It is a fixture component that cooperates with the internal structural parts of the automotive tooling fixture, such as the matching dimensional tolerance between the components of the clamping device.

4. It does not affect the position of the workpiece, nor does it cooperate with other components, such as the main frame of the fixture, etc.


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