Classification and repair methods of chuck fixtures

Publish Time: 2023-12-05

A chuck is a mechanical device on a machine tool used to clamp workpieces. A machine tool accessory that uses the radial movement of the movable jaws distributed on the chuck body to clamp and position the workpiece. The chuck usually consists of three parts: the chuck body, the movable jaw and the jaw driving mechanism. The chuck is generally installed on lathes, cylindrical grinders and internal cylindrical grinders. It can also be used with various indexing devices on milling machines and drilling machines.

Classification of chucks:

From the number of jaws of the chuck, it can be divided into: two-jaw chuck, three-jaw chuck, four-jaw chuck, six-jaw chuck and specific chuck.

From the perspective of chuck power, it can be divided into: manual chuck, pneumatic chuck, hydraulic chuck, electric chuck and mechanical chuck.

From the chuck structure, it can be divided into: hollow chuck and medium solid chuck.

Chuck repair method:

Due to long-term use of the chuck, the inner jaws of the chuck are worn and often become trumpet-shaped, and the centering is not good, which affects the clamping and processing accuracy of the workpiece. To this end, a grinding method was used to repair the inner opening of the three-jaw chuck jaws. This method is simple, economical and effective. When grinding, first select a grinding wheel with a diameter smaller than the hole in the chuck body. The abrasive is white corundum with a particle size of 46# to 60#. It is installed on a grinding rod with a Morse taper shank so that it can be easily installed on the tailstock of a lathe. Then move the chuck claw to contact the grinding wheel, start the lathe to make the chuck rotate at a speed greater than 960r/min, and then drive the tailstock handwheel to move the grinding wheel forward and backward. After grinding back and forth several times, tighten the claws appropriately. Repeat grinding several times until the claw surfaces are all ground.


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