Preparation and steps for designing fixtures for thin-walled parts

Publish Time: 2023-12-05

Thin-walled parts have been increasingly used in various industrial sectors because of their light weight, material saving, and compact structure. However, the processing of thin-walled parts is a more difficult problem in turning. The reason is that thin-walled parts have poor rigidity and strength, and are easily deformed during processing, which increases the shape error of the parts and makes it difficult to ensure the processing quality of the parts. Therefore, the design There is a certain demand for high-precision tooling fixtures for thin-walled parts!

1. Preparation before design

The original information for fixture design includes the following:

1. Fixture design task list;

2. Workpiece drawings and technical conditions;

3. Assembly process procedures for workpieces;

4. Technical conditions for fixture design;

5. Standardization and standardization information of fixtures, including national standards, factory standards and standardized structural drawings, etc.

2. Design steps

1. Determine the fixture structure plan;

2. The stage of drawing the general drawing of the fixture work;

3. Drawing assembly and welding fixture parts drawing stage;

4. Write assembly and welding fixture design instructions;

5. If necessary, it is also necessary to prepare an instruction manual for the assembly and welding fixture, including the performance of the machine tool, precautions for use, etc.


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