What issues should be considered when designing machine tool fixtures?

Publish Time: 2023-12-13

The fixture design generally has a single structure, which gives the impression that the structure is not very complicated. Especially now that technology and its concepts are developed, its original mechanical structure has been greatly simplified. However, if detailed consideration is not taken during the design process, unnecessary trouble will inevitably occur. So what issues should be considered in the design of machine tool fixtures?

1. The blank margin of the workpiece to be processed. The margin may cause the size of the blank to be too large and cause interference, so the blank drawing must be prepared before designing. Leave plenty of space.

2. Smooth chip removal of the fixture. Due to the limited processing space of the machine tool during design, the fixture is often designed in a relatively compact space. At this time, it is often ignored that the iron chips generated during the processing process accumulate in the dead corners of the fixture, including The flow of cutting fluid is not smooth, which will bring a lot of trouble to future processing.

3. The overall openness of the clamp. If the openness is ignored, it may cause difficulty for the operator to install the clamp, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and is a taboo in the design.

4. Depending on the length of use of the clamps, each set of clamps will experience a certain loss in performance after a certain number of clamping and loosening actions.

5. Replaceability of components, especially positioning components. When the positioning components are severely worn, quick and convenient replacement should be considered.


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