What is a precision fixture

Publish Time: 2023-12-13

Precision fixtures refer to auxiliary tools used in the machining industry to position, limit and tighten parts when processing parts. Fixture is an important part of precision machining. The quality of machining is affected by the precision of the fixture to a certain extent. So what kind of precision fixture can be regarded as a good precision fixture?

First of all, the function of precision fixtures is to achieve high-precision processing through positioning and clamping. Ensuring the accuracy of product processing is the most basic requirement for any kind of precision fixtures. In theory, machining methods with a processing accuracy of 1 micron are classified as precision. Mechanical processing, so the accuracy of precision fixtures should also reach 1 micron, or even exceed 1 micron. Precision fixtures are mainly used in processes such as fine turning, fine boring, fine milling, fine grinding and grinding.

A: Precision fixture material performance classification

Usage performance: divided into mechanical properties, physical properties, and chemical properties;

Process performance: divided into casting performance, forging performance, welding performance, and cutting performance;

Material mechanics: divided into hardness, elasticity, plasticity, strength, and impact toughness;

Physical properties: divided into density, melting point, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, thermal expansion, and magnetism;

Chemical properties: corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, chemical stability;

B: There are two processes in the application of precision fixtures

1. Workers install the fixture on the machine tool, including installation of the fixture, positioning and centering inspection, etc.;

The second is to install the workpiece on the precision fixture. When designing precision fixtures, you should think from these two aspects, shorten the auxiliary time as much as possible, and improve the production efficiency of machining!

Finally, the design and production of precision fixtures must have good craftsmanship. Good craftsmanship makes assembly and adjustment easier and the product quality is better, maximizing the function of the machine tool and higher utilization rate of the fixture.


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