A brief discussion on how to deal with the deviation of pipe fitting clamps

Publish Time: 2023-11-21

During the clamping process of pipe fittings, clamping and fixing the pipe fittings in place is a very important step. Traditional pipe fitting clamps usually have complex structural relationships between the components. When the pipe fittings are clamped, a large reaction force will be generated, which will cause Other supporting elements of the fixture will be greatly affected by the reaction force, and the accuracy of the tooling cannot be guaranteed. What should I do if the pipe fitting clamp is pulled off?

1. What should I do if the blank is slightly deformed and the pipe is pulled two wires apart by the clamp?

A: Two clampings in two sequences. You can clamp the circle and then fix the clamping block.

B: The upper clamping mechanism needs an adaptive position, the final locking position, and the clamping and locking positions need to be separated. The cylinder must be positioned last, otherwise other positions will not work well.

C: To avoid, try to get as close to the cylinder as possible and avoid turning as much as possible.

D: Drill holes that need to be processed, do not dig other holes, keep them according to the parts. Cover, the component is installed in this position. Design a part to hold the outer circle of the clamp, and design a part to fix the outer circle of the clamp, 2 parts. In this separate design, the outer circle of the clamp is the flexible position, which is responsible for clamping and adding a fixing mechanism.

2. One is 22 degrees and the other is 40 degrees. Is it okay to have the same inner diameter fixing fixture taper angle?

A: Depending on the taper ratio, the force-increasing effect will be different.

B: The angle will also produce self-locking.

C: Small end contact, the rigidity is not very good.

D: Adjust from 40 degrees to 21.5 degrees to ensure big end contact.

3. How to judge the feasibility of equal height blocks on the fixture positioning surface?

A: Only tightening one screw will cause the front end to warp. Try to connect the bolts through the center. In the case of two bolts, it is best to be in a straight line with the center.

B: It depends on how you clamp it. As long as it doesn’t slip, it’s fine.


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