What are the commonly used fixtures for CNC milling machines?

Publish Time: 2023-11-21

CNC milling is one of the most commonly used and important CNC machining methods in machining. So what fixtures are usually used during the process? Today we will summarize the fixtures we often use in CNC milling machine operations.

Chuck fixture: It can be said that the chuck is familiar to those who play with CNC machine tools, but not the familiar fixture. The chuck is hundreds of years old. It can be said to be a very classic fixture.

2. T-shaped workbench: The T-shaped workbench can be said to be very classic. There are T-shaped workbench in some places.

3. T-block, screw, pressure plate and nut: It is difficult to imagine how the parts would be clamped on the CNC milling machine without these combinations.

4. Bench vise and Max clamp: For CNC milling machine parts that cannot be pressed by the pressure plate, you can consider using a bench vise or Max clamp.

5. Magnetic platform: The magnetic platform is convenient but relatively expensive.

6. Spindle and tool handle: the crystallization of human wisdom and technology.

7. Spring collet/collet: With it, one tool handle can realize the clamping of tools of different specifications.

8. Indexing head fixture: It was once very popular, but gradually declined with the emergence of the indexing spindle.


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