What is the lubrication and cooling system for transmission gears?

Publish Time: 2023-09-11
The lubrication and cooling system of the gearbox gears is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the gearbox. Here’s how some common transmission gear lubrication and cooling systems work:
Lubrication system: The lubrication system of transmission gears usually includes lubricating oil pools, oil pumps, oil passages, lubricating oil filters, etc. The lubricating oil pool stores lubricating oil. The oil pump draws the lubricating oil from the oil pool and transports it through the oil channels to various parts inside the gearbox that need lubrication. The lubricating oil filter filters out impurities in the lubricating oil to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating oil. Spend. Lubricating oil circulates inside the gearbox to lubricate moving parts such as gears and bearings to reduce friction and wear.
Lubrication system:
Lubricants: Transmissions use specialized lubricants to lubricate gears and other moving parts. Lubricating oil needs to have a certain viscosity and high temperature resistance to ensure good lubrication under high speed and high load conditions.
Lubrication Pump: The lubrication system usually includes a lubrication pump, which is responsible for drawing lubricating oil from the oil tank and delivering it to the gearbox. Lubrication pumps deliver lubricating oil through pressure to the lubrication points of components such as gears and bearings.
Lubricating oil filter: The lubrication system also includes a filter, which is used to filter impurities and particles in the lubricating oil to maintain the cleanliness of the lubricating oil.
Cooling system: The cooling system of the transmission gear usually includes a radiator, fan, water pump, etc. The radiator is responsible for conducting the heat inside the gearbox to the outside air, and the fan and water pump are responsible for taking away the heat on the surface of the radiator. Through air convection and water circulation, the temperature inside the gearbox is maintained within a reasonable range.
Cooling system:
Lubricating oil cooler: The transmission gears generate heat during operation. In order to control the temperature of the gears, the lubrication system is usually equipped with a lubricating oil cooler. Oil coolers dissipate heat from the oil by bringing the oil into contact with a cooling medium, usually coolant or air.
Coolant circulation: Some transmissions also use a coolant circulation system, in which the lubricating oil is cooled by a coolant (such as water). The coolant is cooled by the cooler and then circulated back to the transmission.
The design and working of these lubrication and cooling systems may vary between different transmission types and manufacturers. Therefore, in specific cases, it is recommended that you consult the relevant transmission manual or consult a professional to understand the details of the lubrication and cooling system of the transmission you are using.

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