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Sealing push in cap

Mainly used for sealing and widely used in the automotive industry.
The sealing push cap is a product mainly used for sealing and is widely used in the automotive industry. Among them, Φ10 represents the diameter of the hat is 10 mm.
Sealed push caps are usually made of soft rubber material or hard plastic material and have good sealing properties. They are designed to be easily pushed into the corresponding hole or pipe for a reliable seal.
In the automotive industry, sealed push-in caps are used in a wide range of applications. They are usually used to seal automobile parts, such as sensors, wiring harnesses, pipelines, etc., and play an important sealing role in the automobile manufacturing and repair process. These caps can effectively prevent moisture, dust, contaminants and other external impurities from entering the sealed area, protecting the safe and reliable operation of critical components.

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