Grooved pins with round head

Grooved pins mainly serve as positioning devices and can also be used for linking, fixing, driving power, or locking other fasteners. Its application scenarios are quite extensive, such as robotics, automation equipment, pump industry, automotive industry, etc.
Grooved pins with round head are a common positioning device that can also be used to connect, fix, transmit power or lock other fasteners. Among them, Φ8X15 means that the diameter of the grooved nail is 8 mm and the length is 15 mm.
Slotted nails are usually made of high-quality steel, which has the characteristics of high strength and good wear resistance. Their heads are rounded for easy handling and fastening during installation.
Slotted nails mainly achieve positioning function through the combination of slotted holes and grooves. The slotted holes and grooves of the slotted nails help provide stable positioning and connection, ensuring that the fasteners do not move or loosen during use. Therefore, grooved nails are often widely used in robots, automation equipment, pump industry, automobile industry and other fields.

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