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Also known as "male and female tenon", Y-shaped groove is used for sliding modules, sliding rails, replacing module mortise and tenon structural products and equipment. Dovetail groove is a mechanical connection method, and its principle is to ensure that two objects can be firmly connected together through the coordination of dovetail groove and tenon. This connection method is widely used in fields such as woodworking, construction, and mechanical manufacturing. The advantage of the dovetail groove principle is that the connection is firm, stable, not easy to loosen, and can also withstand large forces. The disadvantage of this connection method is that it is difficult to manufacture, requires precise processing and coordination, and has a high cost.
Strong universality: As a standard interface, the C interface is widely used in various devices, such as 16mm cameras, television cameras, and three-eye microscopes. This universality makes the connection between devices simpler and more convenient, without the need to equip different interfaces for different devices, reducing the complexity and cost of the system.
Stable transmission: The C interface adopts a bayonet connection, which has good physical contact performance and stability. Through close contact, video signals and other data can be effectively transmitted, ensuring high-quality image and video output. This is particularly important for devices such as 16mm cameras, television cameras, and binocular microscopes that require high image quality.
Removability: The design of the C interface allows for quick disassembly and replacement of the connecting cable with the device, facilitating equipment maintenance and upgrading. In this way, when equipment needs to be replaced or repaired, only the connecting wires need to be replaced, without the need to replace the entire equipment, simplifying the maintenance process and saving time and cost.
Good compatibility: As the C interface is a standard interface, it has a wide range of compatibility. Devices such as 16mm cameras, television cameras, and three-eye microscopes produced by multiple manufacturers usually support the C interface, making it easy for users to connect and use devices from different manufacturers.

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