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The origin of "C" is the initial letter of "cinema" (movie), and the origin of the C interface is the camera lens. The C interface is a standard interface from a 16mm camera, a television camera, and a three eye microscope. The C-interface lens provides a male thread that fits with the female port of the camera.
1. The outer diameter is the same: the outer diameter of the C interface is fixed at 25.4mm. This means that devices from different manufacturers use the same size interface, ensuring interchangeability and compatibility between devices.
2. Threaded connection: The C interface adopts a threaded connection and is fixed by screwing in and out. This threaded connection is reliable, can effectively prevent loosening of the interface and incorrect connections, and provides stable signal transmission.
3. Signal transmission: The C interface is mainly used to transmit video signals and plays an important role in 16mm cameras, TV cameras and trinocular microscopes. The C interface can support high-quality video transmission and ensure the stability and clarity of image signals.
4. One-way transmission: The C interface is a one-way transmission interface. It can only transmit signals from the device to external devices, but cannot transmit signals in the reverse direction. This one-way transmission feature ensures the stability and safety of the device.
5. Power separation: The C interface itself does not provide power transmission, but is only used for signal transmission. The power supply of the device is usually provided through other interfaces or external power cords.

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