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Rivet nut

Riveting nuts are developed to solve problems such as easy melting of metal sheet and thin tube welding nuts, easy welding deformation of base materials, and easy sliding of internal threads. Its use does not require tapping internal threads or welding nuts, and the riveting is firm and efficient,
Rivet nuts, also known as blind nuts or threaded inserts, are a type of fastener that is designed to solve various problems encountered when connecting metal sheets or thin tubes. They are used to create strong and secure threads in materials that are difficult to weld or tap. Rivet nuts is that they can be easily installed without the need for tapping internal threads or welding nuts. This makes the installation process faster and more efficient compared to traditional methods. To install a rivet nut, a hole is drilled in the material, and then the rivet nut is inserted into the hole. Using a special tool, the rivet nut is compressed, causing it to expand and grip the material, creating a secure threaded connection.

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