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Roll elastic pin

The rolled elastic cylindrical pin is designed with the concept of spiral spring. The elasticity of the rolled elastic cylindrical pin allows it to be pressed into the hole and remains elastic even after being installed in the hole. If applied properly, the elasticity of the rolled elastic cylindrical pin can provide a cushioning effect on vibration and impact, thus avoiding damage to the holes on the components and maximizing the product life cycle.
The roll elastic pin, also known as the rolled elastic cylindrical pin, has a diameter of Φ2.2 and a length of 5.6 mm. It is designed based on the concept of a spiral spring to provide elasticity and flexibility in various applications. The roll elastic pin features a spiral configuration, allowing it to be easily pressed into a hole. Once installed, it remains elastic and maintains a constant pressure against the walls of the hole. This elastic advantages:Cushioning effect: The elasticity of the roll elastic pin enables it to absorb and dampen vibrations and impacts. It acts as a cushion, protecting the holes and reducing the risk of damage to components due to excessive movement or shocks.

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