Slotted Low Cylindrical Head Self-Tapping Screws

The research and development of thread-cutting self-tapping screws can effectively solve this problem. The cutting groove on the thread surface and the thread form an axial cutting edge. When the bolt is screwed into the mounting hole, the bolt rotates under the screwing force, and the cutting edge will hinder the paint The mud or paint is discharged out of the hole through the scraping groove, and at the same time, it is inserted into the mounting hole through the thread fit, and the bolt is continuously rotated to completely remove the paint mud in the mounting hole under the cutting of multiple cutting edges until the bolt is completely assembled into the mounting hole Inside.
Slotted Low Cylindrical Head Self-Tapping Screws are commonly used thread-cutting self-tapping screws, suitable for workpieces with thin and easily broken materials, such as metal plates, plastic plates, etc. This type of screw has the characteristic of cutting grooves along the thread surface and forming an axial cutting edge. Slotted Low Cylindrical Head Self-Tapping Screws were developed to solve the problem of paint mud and paint in the mounting holes. Traditional threaded drill screws tend to push paint mud or paint into the mounting holes during rotation, resulting in loose installation or problems. The curved-point self-tapping screws can smoothly discharge paint mud and paint out of the hole through the design of the cutting edge, ensuring tight installation of the screws. This kind of screw is widely used in furniture manufacturing, automobile industry, electronic equipment and other fields.

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