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FR4 circuit board

The material is FR4, and the thickness tolerance is ±0.05mm. It has the characteristics of fire prevention (flame retardant grade UL94-V0), anti-static, high temperature resistance, and insulation. In the power system, it is mainly used as a partition and isolation material. It can not only ensure the electrical safety of the equipment, but also avoid accidents caused by electrical failures
Excellent electrical performance: FR4 circuit board has good insulation performance and low dielectric loss, which can provide stable signal transmission and circuit performance. It has good electronic insulating properties, preventing electrical currents from interfering between different layers and between the ground.
High temperature resistance: FR4 circuit boards have good high temperature resistance and can withstand operating temperatures up to about 150°C. This makes it very suitable for electronic equipment applications in high temperature environments, such as automotive electronics, industrial control and other fields.
Good mechanical strength: FR4 circuit boards have high mechanical strength and rigidity and can withstand external forces such as vibration, impact, and heavy pressure. This ensures the stability and reliability of the circuit board during assembly and transportation.
High-density wiring: Because FR4 circuit boards have smaller wire widths and spacing, higher wiring density can be achieved. This allows the board to accommodate more components and connections, providing greater design flexibility and functional scalability.
Easy to manufacture and process: FR4 circuit board is a common material with good processability. It can be manufactured and assembled quickly and efficiently using common manufacturing processes such as chemical etching, punching, tin spraying, etc.

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