What is the definition of a fixture and provide two examples?

Publish Time: 2023-12-19
A fixture is a specially designed and manufactured tool used to fix and support workpieces or work objects in processes such as processing, assembly, inspection and measurement. Fixtures enable workpieces to be processed and handled stably by providing appropriate positioning, clamping and support functions to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the process.
Here are two examples of fixtures:
1. Machine tool fixture: used to fix the workpiece for processing on the machine tool. For example, the common universal worktable fixture on machining centers stably fixes the workpiece on the workbench through various clamping methods, allowing it to perform multi-axis processing at different angles and directions.
2. Welding fixture: used to fix and clamp the welding workpiece to ensure the position and quality of the weld. For example, welding fixtures can be used to clamp metal components to keep them stable during the welding process and ensure the accuracy and strength of the welded joints.
3. Inspection fixture: used to fix and position the workpiece to be tested for inspection and measurement. For example, a micrometer test fixture can be used to hold and position a micrometer to make precise measurements of the dimensions of a workpiece. This fixture ensures the stability and accuracy of the micrometer, resulting in accurate measurement results.
4. Assembly fixture: a fixture used to fix and assemble workpieces. For example, tire mounting clamps in automobile manufacturing are used to secure wheels and tires to ensure their correct positioning and safe installation. This clamp can improve installation efficiency, reduce manual errors, and ensure the safety and stability of the vehicle during use.
It is worth noting that there are many types of fixtures that can be designed and manufactured to suit specific application and process requirements. Each clamp has a specific shape, clamping method and function to suit different types of workpieces and machining processes. Fixtures play an important role in industrial manufacturing, improving production efficiency, precision and safety.
These examples are just a few of the types of fixtures available; the type and design of fixtures depends on the specific application and process requirements. Various types of fixtures are used in manufacturing and processing processes in different industries and fields to improve work efficiency, accuracy and safety.

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