When will a quick clamp be used? Features of a speed-determining clamp

Publish Time: 2023-12-27

The quick clamp is a manual/pneumatic clamp used for positioning, clamping, etc. in industrial manufacturing. The quick clamp can be used whenever mass production requires fast and accurate fixing and clamping of workstations. Because of its easy operation And it can provide stable clamping force and processing efficiency. Quick clamps are widely used in production processes such as welding processing, machining, stamping, inspection tools/molds, and assembly.

Quick clamps are divided into the following types according to the shape structure and movement mode (direction of force): vertical type, horizontal type, push-pull type, door type, extrusion type composite vertical type, pneumatic type, C-type clamp, F-type and other types, this article will introduce you to Jiagan Clamptek’s pneumatic clamps.

Features of speed-determining clamps

Simple structure, easy installation, safe and reliable, wide range of uses, high quality, affordable price, various models

Stable clamping force

long lasting

Electroplating anti-rust treatment

Automation with pneumatics

When will quick clamps be used?

Quick clamps are widely used in major manufacturing and processing industries and industries that need to fix workpieces for processing. For example: aircraft assembly, automobile and motorcycle welding and manufacturing, bicycles, machine tool equipment, conveying equipment, inspection tools/molds, mechanical hardware parts, information electronic parts, woodworking manufacturing, plastic products, sports equipment production and other industries.

Pneumatic clamp: A pneumatic clamp is a clamp that combines a manual clamp with an automatic component (cylinder) to clamp and position the workpiece with the pressure of compressed air. When performing more frequent clamping operations, the pneumatic clamp It can reduce the pressure on the operator and realize automation. The basic design and operation method of pneumatic clamps are the same as manual clamps, except that they are operated pneumatically. The clamping function of the pneumatic clamp is related to the cylinder/clamp/pressure, and can be used with a sensing line for position sensing·

Features of pneumatic clamps:

Pneumatic clamps can be operated simultaneously with manual clamps.

When the air pressure supply is cut off, the pneumatic clamp can still maintain clamping

Multiple pneumatic clamps can operate simultaneously or be closed sequentially in a specified order to achieve automated control.


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