Advantages and Disadvantages Work Fixture Positioning System

Publish Time: 2023-12-21

The zero-point positioning system is a unique positioning and locking device that can keep the position of the workpiece unchanged from beginning to end. This can save the auxiliary time of re-aligning the zero point, ensure the continuity of work, and improve work efficiency.

1. Advantages of zero-point positioning system:

1. Easy to install, self-guided positioning, high precision (up to 0.002mm), air pressure operation

2. Save clamping time (-90%), simplify clamping, improve work efficiency, and increase processing profits.

3. The disassembly structure is simple, and there is no need for alignment and zeroing to avoid damage to the high-precision zero-point positioning holes and positioning pins.

4. Large-diameter locking wave beads reset themselves when loosened and are more resistant to load.

5. Achieve off-machine pre-adjustment and improve machine tool utilization rate

2. Disadvantages of zero-point positioning system:

The price is more expensive than ordinary work clamps!

Finally, zero positioning systems are divided into manual, pneumatic and hydraulic types. Among them, pneumatic zero-point positioning systems are widely popular. When the air is ventilated, the zero-point chuck is opened to realize the docking or removal action between the zero-point chuck and the rivet; when the air is cut off, the zero-point chuck is locked to realize the positioning and locking action of the zero-point chuck on the rivet.


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