What is 3A series work fixture

Publish Time: 2023-11-30

1. The 3A series fixture perfectly combines flexibility and rigidity to ensure the repetitive positioning accuracy of the workpiece tooling is 2 μm, control the accumulated error from the source, and maintain the same accuracy of the machine tool and the workpiece (electrode).

2. The only zero reference - no need for correction, greatly reducing machine tool downtime and maximizing equipment utilization.

3. Standardized interfaces enable high-precision and high-efficiency conversion between machine tools of different processing types such as milling, drilling, turning, grinding, and EDM. Ensure processing quality, shorten delivery time, and improve corporate competitiveness.

4. Improve the utilization rate of existing fixtures—coordinate the correct use of existing fixtures with ITS and MTS to maximize benefits.

5. Urgent parts processing - the fixed reference point and the repeatability of the system can interrupt the processing of a workpiece, transport the pallet, and complete the urgent parts processing. Then continue processing the original unfinished workpiece until the end, without correction or readjustment.


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