A brief discussion on what is excellent tooling and fixture design

Publish Time: 2023-11-24

With the development of the mechanical processing industry, tooling fixtures have received more and more attention, and have been widely used in the field of mechanical processing, becoming an indispensable component of mechanical processing. How to design excellent tooling fixtures?

1. Be familiar with the preparations before designing the fixture:

a) Design notice, finished part drawings, rough drawings and process routes and other technical information, understand the processing technical requirements of each process, positioning and clamping scheme, processing content of the previous process, and rough condition;

b) Understand the production batch size and the need for fixtures;

c) Understand the main technical parameters, performance, specifications, accuracy, etc. of the machine tools, cutting tools, inspection measuring tools, machining allowances and cutting quantities used in processing, as well as the dimensions related to the structure of the fixture connection part, etc.;

2. To ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece, the key to ensuring the machining accuracy lies in correctly selecting the positioning reference, positioning method and positioning components. If necessary, it is also necessary to conduct positioning error analysis. It is also necessary to pay attention to the impact of the structure of other parts in the fixture on the machining accuracy. influence to ensure that the fixture can meet the processing accuracy requirements of the workpiece.

3. To improve production efficiency, the complexity of special fixtures should be adapted to the production capacity. Various fast and efficient clamping mechanisms should be used as much as possible to ensure easy operation, shorten auxiliary time, and improve production efficiency.

4. The structure of special fixtures with good process performance should be simple and reasonable to facilitate manufacturing, assembly, adjustment, inspection, maintenance, etc.

5. Work fixtures with good performance should have sufficient strength and rigidity, and should be easy, labor-saving, safe and reliable to operate. The tooling fixture should also facilitate chip removal. If necessary, a chip removal structure can be set up to prevent chips from damaging the positioning of the workpiece and damaging the tool, and to prevent the accumulation of chips from bringing a large amount of heat and causing deformation of the process system.

6. Special fixtures with good economy should use standard components and standard structures as much as possible, and strive to have a simple structure and easy manufacturing to reduce the manufacturing cost of the fixture. Therefore, the necessary technical and economic analysis of the fixture solution should be carried out based on the order and production capacity during design to improve the economic benefits of the fixture in production.


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