What are the requirements for the use of automotive welding fixtures?

Publish Time: 2023-12-12

In the assembly and welding production process of automobile bodies, in order to ensure product quality, improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity, some tools and devices used to clamp and determine the position of the workpiece are often used to complete the assembly and welding work. We call these tools and devices collectively called automotive welding fixtures. So what are the requirements for the use of automotive welding fixtures?

1. Welders should be proficient in the operation of tooling fixtures and understand the positioning and clamping principles.

2. Before working every day, check whether the tooling positioning and clamping are reliable. If there is any problem, stop production and communicate with the technical department or fixture maintenance personnel in time.

3. During work, welding spatter and other debris on the positioning pins and positioning blocks should be regularly cleaned to avoid batch waste caused by unreliable positioning.

4. If it is difficult to put the workpiece into or out of the fixture, you should promptly find the reason and respond to the situation. Do not use strong force to put the workpiece into or take out the fixture to avoid inaccurate positioning or damage to the fixture and deformation of the workpiece.

5. The tooling fixtures should be handled with care when handling, and beware of damage to the fixtures and inaccurate positioning caused by bumps and severe vibrations.

6. Operators are not allowed to modify or grind the tooling fixtures without the consent of the technical department.

7. For chute-type positioning, oil should be applied regularly and adhesive materials should be removed in time to ensure free movement and accurate positioning.

8. During suspension point welding, the parts of the welding gun electrode and electrode arm that are easily in contact with the workpiece or fixture should be insulated with industrial armor wrapping tape to prevent the workpiece or automobile tooling fixture from being injured by arc.

9. Modified or adjusted welding fixtures must pass part inspection before mass production, and cannot be welded blindly.

10. After daily work, the dirt on the work equipment fixtures should be cleaned to keep the work equipment clean.

11. Water and other liquids should not be splashed on the automobile tooling fixtures to prevent the tooling from rusting.

12. When welding automobiles, arcs must not be struck on the tooling fixture at will.

13. The automobile fixture should ensure that the pressure gauge reading is adjusted within the specified range, the pneumatic triplex should be drained and filled with oil regularly, and the pipeline should be checked regularly for air leakage.


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