What are the uses and advantages of rivet nuts?

Publish Time: 2023-11-03
The rivet nut is a fastener widely used in connecting various metal sheets. Its main advantages and uses are as follows:
High-strength connection: The pressure riveting nut adopts pressure riveting fastening technology, which can effectively improve the connection strength between plates, ensure the stability and reliability of the connection part, and is suitable for the connection of various metal plates.
Various specifications: Pressure rivet nuts are available in various specifications and models, suitable for connecting different sizes and types of metal sheets, and can meet various application needs.
High work efficiency: The installation operation of the riveting nut is relatively simple. You only need to use special riveting equipment and tools. Quick installation can be achieved through simple riveting steps, which improves work efficiency and production efficiency.
Diversified surface treatments: Pressure rivet nuts have various surface treatments, such as oxidation, zinc plating, chromium plating, etc., which can be selected according to actual needs to enhance their corrosion resistance and aesthetics.
Anti-fatigue performance: The rivet nut has strong fatigue resistance and can withstand repeated assembly and disassembly for many times, making the product have a longer service life.
Good interchangeability: The connection method of the pressure rivet nut has good interchangeability and can be installed and disassembled at different positions and angles, making it easy to repair and replace.
Cost saving: The purchase cost of pressure rivet nuts is relatively low. Due to its high connection strength and long service life, it can reduce the cost of the entire project.
In summary, pressure rivet nuts have the advantages and uses of high-strength connections, multiple specifications, high work efficiency, diversified surface treatments, fatigue resistance, good interchangeability and cost savings. Due to its wide range of applications, it can be widely used in various metal plate connection occasions, such as construction, bridges, automobiles, electronic equipment and other fields.

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