Drive shafts and their types

Publish Time: 2023-08-18
What is a drive shaft?
A drive shaft (also known as a shaft) is a rotating mechanical element with a circular cross-section. Axes are used to transfer rotational motion from one point to another.
Shafts are usually fitted with gears, pulleys and sprockets. Through these installations, the power is transferred to another shaft or where it is actually used.
Depending on the application, the axes are given different names. However, its purpose remains the same, to transmit torque, motion and power.


The spindle is a short axis of rotation. The name spindle comes from the conical rod of the textile machine.

bearing shaft

Bearing shafts are shafts that support rotating elements such as wheels.

driven shaft

The driven shaft is the shaft connected to the main shaft by a pair of gears. Since it rotates in the opposite direction to the main shaft, it is called a driven shaft.
intermediate shaft
An intermediate shaft sits between two rotating shafts and its sole purpose is to transfer power from one shaft to the other.

Connecting rod shaft

A connecting rod shaft is a set of shafts connected together axially (with the aid of a coupling). The connecting rod shaft is equipped with multiple pulleys, so the power on one connecting rod shaft can be transmitted to multiple places of actual use.
Then with the widespread use of combined transmissions, connecting rod shafts are now obsolete.

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