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Publish Time: 2023-08-18
Suzhou Beizhun began to supply IGW rail couplings, gear boxes and other assembly tooling, fixtures and other precision parts in 2019, strictly abide by the requirements of customer drawings, and do a good job in the control of materials, heat treatment and surface treatment, especially in the material In the third-party verification of physical properties, the ability to trace back the sealed samples of each inspection standard has been achieved, and the visualization of quality control for customers has been demonstrated. Under the tempering of these "small batch, multiple varieties, high quality and on-time delivery" projects, Suzhou Beizhun's quality management and production management capabilities have been significantly improved.
With Voith's overall acquisition of IGW in 2022, Suzhou Beizhun has also successfully entered Voith's global supply chain. On a larger platform, it has become a controllable and reliable preferred supplier of Voith by virtue of its technological advantages and ability to deliver on time according to the contract.

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